Waco teenager honored for saving elderly man


A Waco teenager was honored for his bravery at the McLennan County Courthouse on Tuesday. 

County Commissioners praised 17-year-old Waco High School Honor Student Damian Richardson for waking up and saving an elderly man during a house fire last month

Richardson is a humble soul and doesn’t see himself as a hero, but his mother Dawn Polk says she could not be any more proud. 

“He has always been my hero, but it is good that everyone else knows that he is a hero to other people too,” Polk says.

Firefighters say the teen helped the elderly man dress up before helping the man escape the flames from his house on Lottie Street. 

“We need a lot of heroic young people like that. So he has set an example not only for young people, but he has set an example for me, also,” says Precinct Two County Commissioner Lester Gibson.

The commissioners honored Richardson with a plaque.  

“I hope that if my mom was in a fire that someone in the neighborhood would help her out like I tried to help Mr. Burns,” says Richardson.

Damian says he’s not a hero, but hopes others would do what he did. 

“I am overwhelmed by the attention, but I am also honored,” Richardson says.

Damian’s mom says her son’s courage doesn’t surprise her.  

“Damian is a good child, and it is good that he has been recognized for what he has done because I know a lot of people and children wouldn’t do that,” Polk says.

Waco Fire Chief Bobby Tatum also honored the teen by having a lunch with him couple of weeks ago. 

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