WacoWork: Waco’s newest co-working space


Over 50 percent of businesses start off in someone’s home. 

Apple’s Steve Jobs and Texas’ own Michael Dell started in their garages, but imagine what would have happened if they had a place with like-minded people of all skill sets.

That’s what WacoWork is doing, providing a co-working space for locals.

“Almost 40 percent of the entire workforce by 2020 will be remote salesmen, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, small businesses,” said Caroline Thornton, Community Director at WacoWork.

Those people, searching for a place to work that’s not their home, or a coffee shop.

“Which coffee shops are wonderful, but it was difficult to have you know 15 employees and run it out of Starbucks,” added Thornton.

WacoWork is two stories of office space, desks and even a photo studio that can accommodate 70 to 90 people.

“The really neat thing about co-working is not everyone shows up every single day and so you might have 20 members but only six show up a day and it might not be the same six as yesterday,” said Thornton.

One of those members, Will Suarez, a graphic designer who is part of The One O Eight.

“I needed a space to work out of,” said Suarez.

He’s a talented artist, currently doing all of the murals inside Waco Work.

“These are just murals that reminiscence a little bit of Waco, so Waco mammoth, there’s a couple other ones that I’m going to do, so I want to put a little bit of Waco in WacoWork,” he added.

Co-Working, allowing him and other members to share ideas and skills.

“Being around people that you know, share the same creative ideas with you, it helps being around that, so you’re not stuck in your little bubble, there’s people that have no creative input but they are the ones that kind of tell you ‘that’s not going to work,” said Suarez.

“So, you’re sharing resources, but your also sharing ideas and interacting with people that you otherwise never would of probably met, and so beautiful things come from that both from your personal life and professional life,” added Thornton.

Those businesses, quickly becoming resources.

“We have photographers, we have people that do payment solution, so all kinds of stuff that now my ability to tell my clients, ‘Hey, I can offer that to you too’,” said Suarez.

“We’re just barely tapping into all that we can provide here in Waco,” said Thornton.

WacoWork has a number of memberships available, click HERE to find out more.

The office space is located on 600 Columbus Avenue. 

Call 254-227-6347 or email info@wacowork.com to learn more.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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