The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is urging caution for those using Lake Whitney, especially in the area near the Whitney Dam.

The caution is a reminder that Lake Whitney is a power generation lake and that as summer temperatures rise and the demand for more power to be produced that visitors are likely to see more power generation to support the power grid.

That will mean large amounts of water may be moving downstream from the lake.

When power generation takes place, they remind visitots that there is little or no time for anyone in the area to retreat to higher ground,

Warning signs, as well as the warning horn, should be a reminder of the potential danger to visitors in the area downstream of Whitney Dam.

Release of water from the Whitney Powerhouse is immediate at the sound of the first warning horn.

While boat launching is permitted from Riverside East, swimming and wading are no longer permitted from US Army Corps of Engineers managed areas behind the dam.

The Corps says that the two turbines in the Whitney Powerhouse release about 3,000 cubic feet per second each.

The Corps also advises caution for those fishing along the banks of the Brazos River from Corps managed land below the dam.

The changes in the rate of release give fishermen very little to no time to retreat to higher ground.

Visitor are encouraged to wear a life jacket, follow warning signs and be aware of their surroundings as the lake and power generators operate as they were designed.