How to beat the summer heat


WACO, Texas – As summer approaches and temperatures in Central Texas climb, heat advisories are more common.

As the rain moves out of the way, the heat makes its entrance with temperatures close to 100 degrees.

According to the National Weather Service, heat is the leading weather-related killer in the U.S. – with hundreds of fatalities a year.

With no way to avoid stepping outdoors, Woodway Public Safety Department Assistant Chief Larry Adams shares how important it is to lessen your risk of a heat-related illness.

“The biggest tip is to drink plenty of water, and drink it throughout the day,” Adams said. “You don’t want to just drink a little bit here and there. You want to constantly be rehydrating yourself.”

Adams says avoiding direct sunlight is also very important. The heat index will soar above the century point, and people are not the only ones who need to take precautions.

“Keep an eye on your pets outside. Bring them indoors, if at all possible, during the middle of the day, and let them cool down, as well.”

FOX44 spoke with two mothers who share their favorite activities to cool down with their children during the hot summer months.

“We beat the heat by coming to the splash pads and finding anywhere we can go swim,” Waco resident Laura McWhorter said.

“The playgrounds and anyone who has a pool, we go visit them all the time!,” Waco resident Crystal Peach said.

Water fun is what most people gravitate to in the summer – but with any outdoor activity, there are heat-related illnesses to watch out for.

“Heat cramps,” Adams said. “You’ll develop stomach cramps. You may have a little headache, and you will start sweating. If you start to notice that, you want to move into the shade.”

Adams says if it gets to this point, be sure to drink something with sugar or salt in it – but if a person’s body temperature rises above 100 degrees, this is a red flag for a serious problem like a heat stroke.

“That’s when you need to seek medical attention immediately. You need to cool down immediately, with cool towels on your body,” Adams said.

We all know that our summer always includes triple-digit days. Adam says everybody wants to get outside, but it is important to be safe while doing it.

“The way you do that is take moderate activity. Take breaks often and stay in the shade, if possible,” Adams said.

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