January 01 2022 12:00 am

Prepping for severe weather


WACO, Texas – With severe weather hitting Central Texas, the Waco-McLennan County Office of Emergency Management is prepared to alert everyone.

“We manage and run all test all Waco’s outdoor tornado sirens. So we test them once a month to make sure they’re in working conditions, and those who aren’t, we have a maintenance for,” says Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator Ryan Dirker.

With all possible severe weather, Dirker advises people to look out for lightning.

“When you see lightning, of course, don’t be outside. Do your best to not be outside. Make sure you’re inside. Your pets are inside, your kids are inside, that you are away from anything tall or metal,” says Dirker.

The Temple Fire Department has some advice for people if they see a power line down due to the severe weather.

“We like to encourage people to not drive across them. That could put them at a greater risk of being injured from those lines,” says Santos Soto, of the Temple Fire Department.

For those who are driving during the storm, the Temple Fire Department advises drivers to stay safe on the road.

“We want you to slow down, drive appropriate for the road conditions as always, increase those following distances if you’re traveling behind somebody or another vehicle. That way, if something happens to them, you’re not going to be too close and unable to stop,” says Soto.

Emergency management officials also advise drivers to avoid flooded areas while driving.

“There are plans to shut down various areas, and [we] frequently do if weather creates situations where there’s too much water on the roadway or low line areas,” says Dirker.

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