What to do when your pipes are frozen


WACO, Texas – With temperatures starting to rise, some people are still without power and are having trouble with keeping pipes in their homes from freezing.

Lochridge-Priest in Waco is in a similar situation as many people dealing with broken pipes right now.

“We had some sprinkler lines and water lines freeze, and they since then thawed out. And of course, that’s created lot of damage to the building, office area flooded. We had about an inch of water standing all throughout the office area before it was noticed,” says Lochridge-Priest General Manager Douglas Reinke.

This just shows that this kind of problem can affect anyone. Reinke has some suggestions so it doesn’t happen to you.

“Make sure that the water is turned off to the house, because once it starts thawing out, the pipes that might have busted that froze now are not leaking. Once it starts thawing, they’re going to start leaking, and that can start flooding your house or causing major problems in the house,” says Reinke.

As the temperatures rise and pipes thaw, Reinke has some ideas on how to protect your home.

“Turning off the water at the main. Will kill the whole house. And if there’s a way for them to drain the water lines down, open some hose bibs. Hoping faucets will let some of the water drain out of the pipes, also would help,” says Reinke.

Even if you do have heating running in the house, Reinke says your pipes can still freeze because of this extreme winter weather we’re getting.

“They can wrap around their hose bibs that helps the bibs from freezing, but cover them. Insulate pipes. Try to keep heat on areas where pipes can freeze, your exterior walls are going to freeze before interior walls,” says Reinke.

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