WEST, TX- West is a small town with big traditions. People have been lined up since early Saturday morning to watch the parade. The streets in West were filled for the annual WestFest parade. High school band playing, Miss WestFest, city officials and many more riding along the floats handing out candy to the crowds.

Westfest is an annual event held every Labor Day Weekend that salutes the area’s Czech heritage, children were dressed in traditional Czech attire excited for the event.

“Czech food, Czech culture, we always like that stuff, so I can’t wait to get some bread, especially because I missed breakfast and the parades, my daughter loves parades,” says Juan Sanchez, event attendee.

For Carrie Norman, this year west fest was extra special for her. Last year her brother passed away and he loved coming out to WestFest.

“He had a happy WestFest shirt that he always wore to every WestFest. And so this year, we all decided to make the same shirt with the same print,” says event attendee, Carrie Norman.

While the WestFest tradition has been going on for many years, the Sanchez family finally got to take a part this year.

“Hopefully it’ll start to be, but this is the first time we all came together. But I think I could see it coming back every year,” says Sanchez.

West may be small town, but the tradition is large.

“Seeing some of the old friends and see if they’re still coming, they’re still around. We’d be we’d be coming for almost 18 years,” says event attendee, Connie Walker.

“It is a family tradition, we’ve come out ever since I was a little girl, and then I bring my own kids and my nieces and nephews and with us every single year,” says Norman.

WestFest will still be going until Sunday, September 5th.