West Point: More than getting accepted


COPPERAS COVE, Texas – Despite the pandemic, Copperas Cove High school students are proving themselves and garnering the attention of prestigious military academies.

Copperas Cove High School senior Cameron Day, slated to graduate in May 2021, will join West Point Military Academy Preparatory School later this Fall as a new cadet.

“I was very excited. But the email came at around 3:00 a.m. So I was tired, I saw it, I did a little woo-hoo to myself, and I went back to sleep. And then I woke up to celebrate with the rest of my family afterwards,” Day says.

Day has a long line of family members who served in the military.

“I was fired up. Really excited for him to have this opportunity. I mean, I joined the Army as an enlisted and worked my way up, and I knew that the opportunities are there. Ready to excel and go as far as you want to, but I wanted my son to have a better opportunity than me,” says Cameron’s father, Bryan Day.

Getting appointed to West Point is more than being accepted into a university. Applicants must be nominated by a senator or Congressman, and demonstrate a dedication to service for others.

“I just recently helped out with my school’s homecoming, and I volunteer with my church, Comanche Chapel in Fort Hood, Texas. I was also volunteer with NHS,” says Cameron.

Copperas Cove High School Principal Jimmy Shuck says it’s pretty incredible when small town students are recognized for their hard work.

“Just to see him walk down the hallways and stuff like that, he’s an outstanding young man. His teachers speak very highly of him,” says Copperas Cove High School Principal Jimmy Shuck.

Cameron will be joining the U.S. Military Academy next Fall, on his way to serving the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer, with the goal to one day be a pilot.

“I’m planning on studying jobs around cyber security in electronic warfare or computer sciences,” says Cameron.

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