WACO, Texas — The Real Estate market has been booming over the last year and 2022 may be no exception. But what do new buyers need to know?

“The biggest, biggest thing is patience,” Coldwell Banker Apex Realtor Tyler Anderson said. “Finding a house is, I always like to say, finding a house is just one of those things, it’s a gut feeling. It’s a hundred percent a gut feeling.”

That was Tyler’s third tip on what buyers should know before buying a home in 2022.

After the boom in the housing market began after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are having a hard time finding places to buy or even rent. But Tyler believes that this new year may be just as crazy.

“In 2022, especially in Waco, we just have so much industrial businesses coming in,” he said. “We have so many new businesses coming in. We’re going to be flooded with a lot of new people.”

But that doesn’t mean the new 2022 buyers have to lose hope. Here’s what Tyler recommended for those who think 2022 will be their year to buy and move into a new home.

“Find a trusted realtor,” he recommended. “With a trusted realtor, let them guide you through the process because the people think they can do it on their own and you sometimes can, but there’s always something that occurs that comes with knowledge in knowing your legal boundaries within the real estate transaction.”

Tyler also recommended to those who are new to the home buying industry to save up a little more before deciding on a place because it can give more leverage. His last piece of advice to hopeful homeowners?

“Don’t get discouraged if you have another offer that beats yours,” he said. “Don’t get discouraged going back to the gut feeling and if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be a type thing. It’s patience and having a little bit of money to throw down and really just knowing when it’s going to happen is going to happen.”