Winter advisory continues overnight across Central Texas


As the winter advisory continues overnight across Central Texas, the Waco Independent School District decided to cancel events out of an abundance of caution. 

The family engagement summit at Bell’s Hill Elementary is the largest event the district is canceling this weekend. Other programs, including Saturday diversion and pre-UIL middle school band events are also canceled for Saturday.

On main roads, there are no accumulations, still some say you can’t be too careful with the winter weather. 

Robin and Lee Mangum are in town making a quick stop from San Antonio.

“Decided to check out the Silos and take a break from the weather because it is a little tricky out on the roads,” Mangum said.

They’re worried about road conditions, so on their way to Dallas, they decided to stop in Waco. 

“It’s really weird though because you go through a bunch of sleet and then you go through a little bit of rain. Then nothing,” Mangum said, “So then you’re thinking it’s fine.”

Chief meteorologist Mike LaPoint says when folks hear the term “winter advisory,” they panic. 

“We want folks to know that we are looking at some light rain, sleet and some light snow. Kind of a combination of a wintry mix,” LaPoint said.

Central Texas could see up to a quarter of an inch of sleet into the night, which can be enough to make roads slippery but not extremely dangerous. 

“Cold air is pretty heavy. It is pretty dense,” LaPoint said. “So it just hides underneath the bridges, it hides underneath the overpasses and then it freezes anything above it. That’s why you will always have problems with those bridges and overpasses “

Even though it’s cold, LaPoint says the good news is temperatures will stay above freezing.

“Bundle up out there,” Mangum said. “It’s cold and if you have a fireplace, it’s a great night for it.”

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