Witnesses react to Whataburger standoff


A Killeen couple witnessed a two-hour standoff at a Whataburger early Sunday morning.

Margaret Mark and Angela Corral went to the drive-thru of the restaurant on Trimmier around 4:31 a.m. They quickly realized the car ahead of them was not moving.

“We honked the hour, and at 4 in the morning it’s really loud,” said Mark.

After several attempts, they drove around the car and were followed by the people behind them.

Once they had their order, Mark and Corral noticed the car was still there. That’s when the situation got tense.

“A Good Samaritan did get out of their vehicle and go to the car and one of the two occupants brandished a weapon, a gun,” Mark said.

Someone called police, and officers and emergency crews quickly got to the scene. After a two-hour standoff, officers took two people into custody.

So will Mark and Corral keep coming back to their favorite restaurant?

“It’s Whataburger, man. I’m from Texas. Absolutely, I feel safe here.”

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