McLennan County Sheriff’s deputies say an argument between a man driving an 18-wheeler and his wife got dangerous when they say the wife tried to cause the big rig to crash.

Deputies had been sent to back up Bruceville Eddy police who had stopped the truck after getting a call of a disturbance in progress inside the moving vehicle.

An arrest affidavit said that the woman, identified as Mikaela Campbell had been riding in the rear of the cab of the truck tractor and became angry with her husband who she said caused her to spill something when he applied his brakes.

Her husband told deputies she had been drinking vodka all morning and was drunk.

He told deputies she grabbed him by the shirt while he was driving and tore the shirt.

The affidavit quoted him as saying she grabbed the wheel of the truck, threatening to ” just take them both out.”

He was able to get control of the truck and get it stopped and they both got out where she chased him around the truck, then went to another nearby 18-wheeler trying to get a ride.

She then climbed on the hood of their truck and fell off.

Her husband picked her up and put her in the cab and was driving her to a hospital when law enforcement pulled him over after getting a report of the disturbance.

Deputies said in the affidavit that when they recovered the torn shirt, broken styrofoam cup and bottle of vodka they believed she had been the aggressor in the incident.

She was taken into custody charged with attempted aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by threatening to kill them both with the truck and deadly conduct by grabbing the wheel of the truck.

She was taken to the McLennan County Jail.