KILLEEN, Texas – The woman at the center of a viral fight at a Killeen fast food restaurant is speaking out. She is telling her side of the story after she and her daughter were caught on camera fighting with a Zaxby’s restaurant employee Thursday afternoon.

“It’s embarrassing, it’s not something that I would want to go viral behind,” said Britney Rhambo, who was seen fighting in the viral video. “This is an unfortunate situation, and I hate that it had to be looked up on as if we’re ghetto or low class.”

Rhambo says she had placed an order at the restaurant drive thru window and received it when she realized she forgot to order something else. She went back to the drive thru and that’s when she noticed a rude employee.

“At that time I told her I was like ‘Hey young lady, I don’t know what kind of day you are having or what the issue is but maybe you should have called into work if this is how you are going to handle your customers’,” said Rhambo.

Before she knew it, she says the employee was at her car door cursing at them.

“At this time my daughter gets out the car and was like ‘hey, you’re talking to my mom, you need to calm down,” said Rhambo.

After trying to get both of them to stop, she says the employee charged at her daughter.

“Of course my daughter defended herself, they started fighting,” said Rhambo. “I stepped to get in the middle of them because she’s still wanting to fight and at this time she hits me, she hits me in my face, so I hit her back.”

Rhambo says none of it would have happened if the employee had just continued her job.

“It definitely wouldn’t have happened because we were trying to pull off, that’s it, I wanted my salad and get home and get back to work,” said Rhambo.

Despite what happened, she says they will be returning to that location.

“I don’t want to put Zaxbys or the rest of the managers or employees in a bad light because they did what they were supposed to do,” said Rhambo.

Rhambo says the employee found her daughter on social media and is now wanting to fight her again. She says no charges have been filed, but if she continues reaching out, she will be filing charges with the Killeen Police Department.

In a statement to FOX 44 a Zaxby’s spokesperson says “We, Texas Chicken, LLC, franchisee of the Killeen, TX, Zaxby’s location, find the behavior represented in this video unacceptable and inconsistent with Zaxby’s core values. We have taken the necessary disciplinary actions towards the individuals involved, and we continue to work to ensure a safe and friendly experience at our Zaxby’s location.”

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