Details of a violent incident that occurred Wednesday morning in Killeen have emerged that show that not only was one person shot, but another victim was pinned between two vehicles during what was described as an intentional ramming.

The suspect in the incident has since turned himself in and was awaiting a decision on formal charges Thursday morning.

Killeen Police Department spokesperson Ofelia Miramontez said that there was apparently some ongoing history between the suspect and one of the victims.

Miramontez said the investigation showed the two victims had been traveling in their vehicle on Old Florence Road and were making a u-turn, when the suspect drove up on them.

The suspect confronted the male victim as he got out of his vehicle and fired a shot, missing the victim.

The female victim then got out of the car and the suspect is accused of firing toward her, resulting in her receiving a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

Police investigators say the suspect then returned to his vehicle and rammed the male victim, pinning him between the two vehicles.

He then fled the scene and turned himself in at Killeen Police Headquarters where he was detained without incident.

Both victims were listed as stable Thursday morning.

The case was under review by the Bell County District Attorney’s Office Thursday.