Woodway says no buyout for Zakhary


In a clarifiction of earlier reports,  Woodway  City Attorney Michael W. Dixon says there will be no buyout for Yost Zakhary for time remaining on his contract after his resignation as City Manager and Public Safety Director.

The statement says Zakhary resigned and the city has no obligation to pay the remaining years under his contract, though he will be entitled to be paid any accrued vacation or holiday leave, which any employee is entititled to on separation.

The statement also said that no agreement was entered into with Zakhary for submission of his resignation.

There was also an explanation as to which there was no simple and quick firing of the city manager when reports of sexual harrasment came forth.

The statement said:

Finally, without creating liability to itself and handing an employee a reason to sue, a city cannot simply fire a public employee who is employed under a contract without providing procedural due process, which requires notice of the charges, notice of the evidence, a hearing, and a meaningful period to prepare to defend against the charges at a hearing.”

” If the City Council would have terminated Mr. Zakhary’s contract without going through this process, it WOULD have likely been liable for the rest of his contract.”

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