Woodway teen home from hospital after February brain injury


WOODWAY, Texas – Back in February we told you about Jessica Taylor, a 14-year-old Midway student who suffered severe brain injuries after a skateboarding accident.

FOX44 is happy to report she’s back home from the hospital able to be with her family.

After months of being in the hospital, Jessica’s presence at home has been greatly missed and her family doesn’t hesitate to show it.

The last time we were at Jessica’s place, there was some serious worry – but things are looking up.

Jessica’s mother, Amye Taylor, has stayed by her side as she’s went through numerous operations. Today, she’s still sticking by Jessica’s side. She says it’s just good to have her close and more comfortable around the people who love her.

“It’s sweet that I can see her be at home away from all the crazy stuff and nice and calm and quiet at home,” said Taylor.

For Jessica’s sisters who haven’t been able to see Jessica everyday, that reinstated privilege gets them a bit emotional.

“It’s a little overwhelming because I know is a good thing to bring her home. It’s just a lot of emotions right now,” said Jessica’s sister Alexis.

“With her missing, it’s a giant hole. And now that she’s back, we get to hang out with her,” said Shaela Bivens, Jessica’s older sister.

Jessica’s medical progress didn’t come without complications. Her mom Amye says she learned that being at the right facility and getting care from the right medical professionals makes a world of difference.

“If you have a child, always demand that you have a pediatric doctor to take care [of them], because they know more than what the doctors would know,” she said.

Jessica’s family is happy to help her continue making progress with her health with the help of some at-home nurses.

“I think my biggest job is to make her feel comfortable and give her some music. Play a couple of tunes with her with my ukulele or something like that, make her feel right at home,” her sister told FOX44.

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