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WACO, Texas – As the Biden era begins, local organizations and attorney are expressing their opinions and concerns about Biden’s immigration plan proposal.

In Biden’s first days in office, he proposed to give undocumented immigrants the chance to become citizens and restore and expand programs for refugees and asylum seekers.

“I feel that it is within structure, the time framing is much more adaptable to what is feasible for the people that are seeking the immigration status and wanting to do what the American dream is, which is work and provide for their families,” says Belton LULAC familia council president Sonia Eva Vega Perez.

Although the immigration plan is a proposal and still has to go through congress, Belton LULAC president Sonia Perez expresses how the Latino community feels about the plan.

“I think it will be a sigh of relief for the Latino community, who just want to focus on being good people in the community, working hard and a like I said following the American dream to just live in a righteous way in a wonderful country,” says Perez.

Local attorney Analí Looper says to create a new immigration status, it is an act of congress, not an an act the president can do himself. She cautions people of potential fraud.

“Be careful before you hire someone to help you with a new case, if they’re promising the world it’s probably too good to be true, so wait a little bit, lets see what congress is able to do and we’ll look for some new laws coming soon,” says immigration attorney Analí Looper.

For those who have immigration questions, American Gateways offers free virtual DACA clinics for those who qualify.

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