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WACO, Texas – Tuesday night’s Mega Millions prize has reached $625 million, making people wonder what they could do with that kind of money.

“I’ve always had this weird dream of owning a ship and going sailing off the coast of Florida to Cuba and back, just kind of living a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ lifestyle,” says Waco resident Bo Mello. “Honestly, [I’d] probably [do] that.”

There seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to how people would treat their prize money.

“I think there’s a few different ways you can go with it,” says Waco resident David Humphrey. “You can kind of go the traditional route, put some money in the bank, maybe save up for some kid’s college funds someday.”

Saving the money might be the conservative option, but this eye-popping cash total is meant for dreaming.

“I might just go out and buy my hometown Houston Texans,” Humphrey said. “I would be a really bad NFL owner, but I’m sure I’d be much better than the one they have down there right now.”

The prize money is so big, it even made some people into first time Mega Millions players.

“I’ve never even thought about getting a lottery ticket, but hey, that’s probably not a bad gig,” Humphrey said. “I might just go check it out.”

When asked whether winning the $625 million pay off their student loans, the answer was unexpected.

“It’ll make a dent,” Mello said, laughing.

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