Long-time McLennan County election administrator to retire

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WACO, TEXAS- As the General Election wraps up McLennan county is preparing to bid farewell to a staple in the community.

After 26 years of service, Kathy Van Wolfe, the county’s chief election administrator is set to retire this month.

Van Wolfe has supervised over 90 elections and she says this year by far has been the most exciting.

Between a global pandemic, the political climate and record turn out, this election is sending her off with a bang.

“We had to social distant. We had to wear our mask. We had to make sure our workers were safe and the voters were safe and didn’t fear coming to vote,” Van Wolfe said.

Even with all of the unpredictable changes, the county still broke records in voter turn out and Van Wolfe says that’s something she can walk away proud of.

“I was so surprised that this many people came out even with COVID and we saw 80 thousand people vote during early voting and the rest of the people voted during election day which was great so we didn’t see the big lines because most of the people took care of early voting either in person or by mail,” she said.

She says following the new guidelines to create a fair election for mclennan county voters this year was no easy task.

She atttributes the county’s transition to the general election’s unfamiliar formate the hardwork of her colleagues; old and new.

“I want to thank all of those workers for helping me because thats what we need. I encourgage everybody to continue to help this election office. We want to get more young pepole involved. We’re happy that we had student workers  this time work this election and we want to see more involvement,” Van Wolfe shared.

She says while all of the elections she’s worked have been special in their own way shes says 2020’s general election will surely produce the most memories.

“I think we’ll all sit around and have a war story or two to tell about the election and excited to be apart of this election and talk about it to your grand children and to your families.”

Van Wolfe’s last day is on November 30th.

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