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TEMPLE, Texas – With the cold temperatures and power outages, it has been very hard on many people.

Tracy Boynton-Wilcox shared on Facebook a video of her son Phillip showing off his hockey skills in their neighborhood – hoping she could share some fun with everyone.

“It never gets ice over here, so I was really excited to skate,” Phillip says.

Phillip has always had a love for hockey – and with all the ice, it has been very special for him.

“He’s always asking for ice, because he seeing the players from up north being able to skate in their yards, and he always asked if we can do it here. But we tell him here in Texas it doesn’t get that cold,” Tracy says.

The Wilcox family has been without power like many families, but tried their best to make the most of this weather.

“Just making sure he was warm and happy and entertained. It’s difficult with a child when they don’t understand what’s happening, and why they can’t watch their favorite shows or do whatever,” says Tracy.

Phillip normally plays for his hockey team, but today he got to show everyone in his neighborhood his hockey moves.

“Days like today, with all the ice, when we got nothing else to do around the house, getting his skates on and his uniform, he was just in heaven. Just skating down the street, in our cul-de-sac, doing spins and shots and just whatever. And slapshots, too. He likes slapshots,” says Tracy.

Phillip says when he gets older, he hopes to play with the Dallas Stars.

“I think left wing, because you can score goals on left wing, right wing, and center,” says Phillip.

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