McLENNAN COUNTY, Texas – A video of underaged children engaged in sexual activity goes on social media and lands a man in jail.

“”Facebook has algorithms that are trying to find this, if they’re known images, they can identify it, and then what they do is they report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as a cyber tips,” says Joseph Scaramucci, with the McLennan county sheriffs office, Human trafficking unit.

Facebook found a video allegedly uploaded on Messenger by a man identified as Somnang Heng, which featured two children under the age of ten engaged in sexual activities.

The video was deleted, and Facebook notified the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children about the video – who then notified the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office about the video.

The Sheriff’s Office tells FOX 44 they identified Heng and found his Facebook account. Deputies say Heng uploaded the video from his place of employment. A warrant was put out for Heng’s arrest.

“We were contacted by one of their investigators in regards to the tip that had come in and again we were able to work together to identify the individual and get the warrant issued for his arrest,” says Scaramucci.

According to the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, Heng recently paid a visit to the City of West Police Department to take care of some unrelated business. Due to the warrant, the department was able to identify Heng and he was arrested.

“A stolen ring or something of that nature, something, you know, pretty run of the mill. And he made it, I guess, a copy of that for insurance purposes,” says West police chief, Darryl Burton.

The Sheriff’s Office intends to search Heng’s cell phone for any other pornographic activity which could lead to additional warrants. This case remains under investigation.

“Anytime we have a case that that we can we can at least point that case in the right direction if it’s something that we do have jurisdiction over, but we can bring in another agency. Yes, it feels wonderful,” says Burton.

Heng is sitting in the McLennan county jail with a set bond of $125,000.00.

Sources: McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, McLennan County Jail