A Waco man is being held on $295,000 bond accused of kidnapping a woman he was in a dating relationship with and leaving her two small children alone with no one to care for them.

Alton Hawkins remained in the McLennan County Jail on those charges and others as of Friday morning. after being arrested earlier in the week.

No bond was listed for two other charges–aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and evading arrest with a motor vehicle–that he had been out on bond for when arrested for the new charges.

An arrest affidavit stated that on November 26, 2021 police were called to a location on Kennedy Circle and met with an eight-year-old and an eleven-year-old child who told them that their mother had been assaulted by her boyfriend, saying he hit her then struck her on the head with a firearm.

They said she was dragged by her hair to a vehicle and left the scene, leaving the children alone with ” no means to care for themselves at the residence and no way to call for help from a family member.”

Police took both children to their grandmother’s home, then attempted to call the suspect’s mother.

The victim turned up at the grandmother’s house several hours later with a large bleeding laceration to the top of her head.

Police charged Hawkins with kidnapping and two counts of abandoning or endangering a child.

Jail records also showed a charge of criminal mischief in a separate case in which he was accused of damaging beyond repair an Apple watch and a cell phone of a former girlfriend plus a Sheriff’s Department charge of possession of a controlled substance.