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MARLIN, TX- Lawrence McCall will join the Marlin Police Department from Dallas where he serves as a county constable.

McCall has a career in law enforcment that spans more than 15 years.

He was a stood out two weeks ago when they city of Marlin hosted a forum where finalists for the position could engage with the community and answer questions.

“According to the majority of the people that reached out to the council members the mayor including myself. Majority of the people really liked him. They compared him to our former police chief that died in the line of duty,” said Cedric Davis, Marlin’s City manager.

The police department over the last year has had its share of turmoil with leadership, with the former chief committing suicide after allegations of sexual assault.

The department was not compliant with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement standards but McCall will walk into the position with many of those issues already resolved.

“A week ago we got a letter from T.C.O.L who licenses police officers and police departments. We are now fully in compliance. We met all the things we needed to to become compliant,” said Davis.

City leaders say they expect McCall to build a bridge connecting the badge and the community.

“He’s ready to go. He has programs like he’s had in existence like mentoring programs for our youth, school programs for our youth, meet the parent type programs and he has the resources and connections that can actually help Marlin build those type of programs that are much needed in our city,” Davis said.

Davis and other leaders are hopeful that McCall will play a major roll in renewing trust in marlin’s police force.

“I like the fact that he knows where we’re going. He knows that we’re trying to build something where the community travels with us and we create a partnership so its no longer they have to be fearful of their law enforcement,” he said.

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