MARLIN, Texas – The Marlin Independent School District will be extending its winter break until Monday, January 10.

This comes due to a surge in community positive COVID cases, and following guidance from the Falls Community Hospital District.

Tuesday morning was the first day back for faculty and staff at Marlin ISD for professional development training. The district had screening for staff and students for COVID-19 and found over 30 confirmed positive cases. So the district had to make a hard decision.

“With the numbers rising, throughout the school community and throughout falls county, it was important to extend the winter break,” says Marlin ISD superintendent Darryl Henson.

Extended break means students will remain on their winter break until January 10th.

“Learning will not be virtual, however, we are going to adjust our academic calendar from curriculum instruction in assessment just to ensure that these three days missed, we’ll be able to catch up and ensure that our students are successful,” says Dr. Henson.

Of the 32 cases 16 are students and 16 are staff and faculty.

“We have received information from the falls county community health district that 40% of individuals who came in to be tested at the hospital also came back positive as well,” says Dr. Henson.

Marlin isn’t the only school district with a high covid-19 count. Midway high school confirmed 33 cases on Tuesday. In a general letter sent to parents on Tuesday afternoon for transparency, this is not to alarm them, but to alert families if their children are not feeling well, keep your child at home. The district says it will alert families if their child was in close contact with those students.

As for Marlin , to ensure everyone stays safe, the maintenance team will heavily sanitize the schools this week.

“We want to ensure that all doorknobs in desk are sprayed and wipe down just to make sure that we have a safe return for our students and faculty,” says Dr. Henson.

Marlin ISD families can get COVID-19 updates through their website.

Any family who was looking to be tested for COVID 19 this week, you can go to the Falls Community Hospital. On Monday, January 10th, testing will be available at Marlin Middle School from 8:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M.

Source: Marlin Independent School District