Marlin ISD parents raising questions regarding district performance

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MARLIN, TX- Days after getting notice of Marlin ISD’s revoked accreditation, dozens of parents met to voice their concerns about the state of their school district.

“Well we wanted to see the fate of the district what was going to happen,” said Victor Cooksey, a Marlin ISD parent.

There was a packed room Thursday night of both parents and teachers at Marlin elementary with hopes of walking away with more clarity about their school district going forward.

Alexis Davis a mother of 2 students in Marlin ISD walked into the meeting with worries after learning that the school districts accreditation had been revoked.

“The first thought that came to my mind was Oh my goodness. If I were to send her to another School, would they try to make her do another school year over because she didn’t get what she needs this year,” asked Alexis Davis a mother of 2 Marlin ISD students.

Other concerned parents like Cooksey were wondering what next steps he and his wife needed to take for their daughter who’s in Kindergarten.

He wanted to know if he’d have to transfer his daughter or consider the home school option, and tonight still unclear of what direction he’ll have to take.

“Right now it’s just up in the air on what they’re going to do. When we find out we’ll make those choices of what we wanna do,” Cooksey said.

Dr. Jean Bahney, Marlin ISD’s interim superintendent took the time out tonight to address the parents and answer the questions, aware of the true concern.

Parents asked uestions regarding student graduation, student promotion and also students’ eligibility to participate in UIL activities.

“Marlin ISD does have its accreditation revoked and when that happens there is a possibility that the school may not continue but we have filed for an informal review,” said Bahney.

She says they’re in the process of that review and she hopes TEA will consider changing their initial decision.

Consultants were there at schools most of the afternoon meeting with parents and staff to get a better idea of what marlin citizens were looking for in their next superintendent.

Parents say they believe the district’s leadership going forward will play a major role in the success of the Marlin ISD.

“I have two children that go here. So I want them to do the best and I would like for them to have strong leaders,” Davis said.

“There’s been a lot of things going on in the city and in the school district I mean we would like to see some change in it,” said Cooksey.

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