Marvin Guy’s family pushes for Justice on his 56th Birthday

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BELL COUNTY, TEXAS- The family of Marvin Guy is spending his 56th birthday demanding justice.

Dozens joined in the protest at the Bell County Justice Center Tuesday evening joining Garrett Galloway in support of his brother, Marvin Guy, saying ‘the time is now’ for Killeen PD to put an end to ‘no knock’ warrants.

“We just want to stand in solidarity today to bring awareness of whats going on lets move forward with the case,” said Galloway.

The case that somehow has taken more than 6 years to be tried.

“One year later, something else happened, 2 years later something else happens. Its been 6 and half years. The time is now that we need to get action done,” said Galloway.

This time though Garrett is joined by Marvin Guy Jr. who was in high school in 2014 when his father was charged with murder after a gunfire battle broke out between guy and Killeen police officers during a no knock warrant

The family maintains guys innocence saying guy was defending himself and had no drugs in his possession during that raid .

The family says police entered his home believing guy was a drug dealer.

For his son who travelled all the way from Illinois to protest on his father’s behalf, seeing the support he had was a bit overwhelming.

“This means lots of my dad’s been in jail for six years, and I miss out on a lot of stuff going on in our lives is miss my high school graduation. You know, it means you have all these people out here,” Marvin Guy Jr. said.

3 things the family of Marvin Guy is calling for, a permanent city-wide ban on ‘no-knock’ warrants, a change of venue in his trial with a more diverse jury, and for guy to be cleared and released from jail.

The family believes he was acting in self defense at the time of his arrest

FOX 44 reached out to Killeen PD for comment and received no response.

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