Marlin,Tx- The Mayor of the City of Marlin has issued a statement regarding the water trouble in the city.

Mayor Carolyn Lofton issued the following statement regarding the recent inclement weather and water outages.

“The Marlin Water Plant continues to function and produce water. Some people are getting water while others are not. The issue is that the temperature is so cold that the water that they are trying to filter is thicker making it more difficult to filter. This is causing what is filtered to be minimal. Once temperatures rise more, they will be able to produce more water. They are pushing water into town at a tiny amount. If you are blessed to have water today, please conserve what you have so that the other towers can get water to feed the rest of the town. I am asking you to continue to have patience and understanding as the infrastructure in Texas is not built for this type of weather. Many communities are experiencing what we are experiencing here with the water and electricity. We are having to run heaters at the water plant to keep the water flowing. Please pray that we do not lose electricity again. As always, I thank you all for your patience, understanding, and support as we get through yet another crisis together. Water personnel have been working around the clock with little sleep and little food in order to get where we are. A huge thank you is due to these individuals for their dedication and commitment to the citizens here as they brave the cold and frostbite to make sure Marlinites have this needed resource.”

Mayor Lofton also encouraged people to stay off the roads and conserve water usage.