McLennan County Leadership Response Team answers questions about COVID-19

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MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas- The McLennan County Leadership Response Team has answers for questions you may have.

1) How are the hospitals and clinics in McLennan County preparing to take care of COVID-19 patients?

The response team is making sure hospitals, clinics and other health care partners have the resources they need to take care of patients; including having enough Personal Protection Equipment, identifying possible alternative care sites and managing a potential surge of patients. 

If needed, alternative care sites will be developed to ensure that we will be able to take care of those in need of medical attention.

2) How many people are being tested?

There is adequate testing available for health care staff, first responders, people who have symptoms and people who are at high risk for developing serious complications. The response team recommends that anyone who wants to be tested should contact their healthcare provider by website or phone. Phone calls will prevent unnecessary exposure.

3) When will we see a peak in positive cases? 

Even though there are national and state-wide predictions, any predictions or estimates of when the virus will peak are still only a guess. Sources are updated on a daily basis as new information becomes available.

Key Factors to remember

  1. Predicting a date when the virus will peak does not mean that it will happen on that date.
  2. A peak does not signal the end of the pandemic or provide a goal point for returning to regular activities.  
  3. The social distancing we do now will make a difference on how fast the virus spreads. The best way to slow the spread of COVID-19 is through strong social distancing practices.  By lowering the amount time you spend with others, you lower your risk for catching the virus.   When we do this together as a community, we have the power to protect our community from COVID-19.
  4. COVID-19 will likely have waves of increasing infection.  The current situation is considered the first wave.  We are unsure when the second wave will occur.  Some models predict the fall and others predict an early summer wave. As we learn more about COVID-19, we will be able to provide more information, but that will take time.
  5. Healthcare facilities are required to notify the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District when they receive a positive test of COVID-19. We receive case information 24 hours a day and report this information to the public every day at 3pm. 

The Waco-McLennan County Leadership Response Team is dedicated to caring for the medical needs of McLennan County during this pandemic.

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