WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Tuesday morning around 8:30 a.m., a man was fatally shot. This is the 13th murder Waco has had in 2022.

Officers responded to the 5300 block of Bosque Boulevard. The shooting took place in the parking lot of Octapharma Plasma.

“We’re devastated to see these 13 lives lost this year,” Waco PD PIO Cierra Shipley said. “No matter the disagreement, we ask the public to please handle these disagreements differently because taking someone’s life is never the answer.”

The man suffered from multiple gunshot wounds and died on the scene.

Tristan Holt was in Octapharma Plasma when it all happened. He says he heard lots of conflict going on outside.

“I was right in Octa Plasma,” Holt said. “I was right there, and I was standing out watching the whole situation for a second.”

Then he walked back inside, which he is glad he did.

“From there we heard some ‘pow,'” Holt said. “Then from there, I said, ‘Oh, I stepped back outside and I seen the young man laying down.'”

He says he is used to this happening where he’s from in Compton, California – but not Waco.

“It was sad to see,” Holt said. “I didn’t expect to see this today. You know, I’m having a great day. It kind of messed it up a little bit.”

Holt says they were acting like a couple, but police have not confirmed the relationship between the two.

“It had to be a couple because it was too much said,” Holt said. “This is a couple, so I was like, well, let me step back in because couples do that. So I step back in, 30 seconds later, ‘pow.'”

Detectives have identified the suspect as 31-year-old Ardra Robinson, who was known to the victim and found shortly afterwards. Robinson was taken to the McLennan County Jail and charged with murder.

Ardra Robinson.

The victim remains unidentified until next of kin is notified.

The Waco Police Department says once you pull a trigger, you are not only taking someone’s life, but also your own as you deal with the consequences.

“We just ask that you guys please learn to respect human life and know that killing someone is never worth it,” Shipley said.

Waco PD is now currently looking for the weapon used in this murder. If you have any information, you can call police at 254-750-7500 to turn the gun in as it may be the weapon in question.

This is an ongoing investigation.