WACO, Texas (Fox 44) — Sunday was the third and final day of the annual Waco Cultural Arts Fest, an event that brings thousands to the community to experience different forms of art.

The Waco Cultural Arts Fest has everything from painting, to weaving, to science projects. The president of the festival, Doreen Ravenscorft, says it’s all about bringing the community together.”

Families could make masks, craft wood, tie dye shirts, listen to concerts, eat, and partake in much more.

“We’ve been doing painting, and we saw some robots, and then we walked over here to make shirts,” attendee Brandon Daughtry said.

Brandon and Major Daughtry agreed on what they liked the best – painting.

Elijah Ross was in the same boat.

“I liked painting,” Ross said. “Painting was really fun.”

Ravenscroft says sciencefest in particular has really grown with new attractions such as lithophanes, robots and different science projects.

The stage was named in honor of the late Classie Ballou.

“He was an amazing zydeco artist, and so all the performances today are actually honoring the memory of Classie,” Ravenscroft said.

A fan favorite every year – the butterfly bikes.

“They are true engineered bicycles, but the wings are totally correct, painted by an artist so that they are actually the monarch butterfly or the blue moth,” Ravenscroft said.

People were also able to use different tools to really get creative.

“I just draw with a pencil and stuff because we don’t really have paint,” Kailyn Smith said.

A big part of the celebration is making sure the festival is accessible to all families.

“It’s about making sure that the visual arts and the performing arts are here in the community and that it can involve everybody,” Ravenscroft said.

If you’d like to make a donation to keep this festival free, click here.