WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – The 2023 Texas State Rowing Champions are coming to Waco April 21st – April 23rd.

The University of Texas is attending the competition, drawing many colleges to compete against the reigning NCAA National Champions.

The Championship will bring business to hotels, restaurants and shopping, boosting the economy for the weekend.

The Waco Rowing Center sees this event and others like it as an opportunity to open doors for underprivileged children interested in rowing. The Executive Director Matthew Scheuritzel of the center is invested in bringing rowing to Texas.

“I’m really excited about being one of the groups in Texas that’s actually kind of trying to flip the switch and not have this just be like the most affluent sport kind of associated with like, you know, rich private schools. A lot of poverty in this city, even if rowing is just seen as one more means of access, that’s that’s enough.” -Scheuritzel

I am told the Brazo River is one of the greatest places to train because of the river’s layout, as well as the lake and other water ways nearby, creating more opportunities for courses.

The Texas State Rowing Championship is asking for funding from the city which will be reviewed by the City Council in it’s meeting on April 18th.

Director of Tourism, Dan Quandt says “the city council does understand the importance of rowing in this area and are excited about how that enhances the brand of our community. So no matter what their final decision on funding, I know they’re strongly behind supported rowing in Waco.” – Quandt