WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — Students filled the hallways of Alta Vista Elementary school to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.

“It’s important for the kids and families here to feel included, so we’re taking all the opportunities that we can to do different activities for them,” says bilingual kindergarten teacher, Jessica Lopez.

That included learning about the different flags from Spanish speaking countries.

“We even made a painting of the flags and the kids, they they love it. Oh, a lot of our teachers, you know, came together,” says bilingual kindergarten teacher Coral Piña.

The Alta Vista staff enjoyed getting involved in the parade and sharing with the students and their families about different Hispanic Heritages.

“Some of our staff are from Puerto Rico to Colombia. So even our staff, you know, felt included too,” says Piña.

The reason to have the parade is inclusivity. Families were also invited to watch the kids take part in the parade.

“I want my children to be able to know the different kinds of cultures, not just Mexican that what we are part of will her to know that there’s different kinds of people out in the world,” says parent, Rebecca Perez.

Hispanic heritage month is halfway through Alta Vista says they will continue to celebrate.

“We’re already thinking of ways we can make it even bigger for next year. So even we even activities will keep on doing because it doesn’t in October 16,” says Lopez.

For those interested in celebrating Hispanic Heritage month here is a list of events going on.