WACO, Texas (Fox 44) — About 10 contestants from American Ninja Warrior came to Waco today to help raise money for No Limitations.

Overcoming Obstacles teamed up with American Ninja Warriors and No Limitations to bring an obstacle course to Waco.

“The part where I got to swing on the rings was really fun,” participant Makenna Douglas said.

The president of Overcoming Obstacles, Jared Greer, said this is one of the most incredible events they do throughout the year.

“One of the things I love about it is the name of the organization, No Limitations, that these kids, they may be facing incredible trials in life, but they decide that they’re not going to have any limitations and that they’re going to overcome obstacles no matter what they face,” Greer said.

It’s all to raise money for No Limitations. It is a nonprofit that provides opportunities for those with special needs to compete in adaptive sports and sensory-friendly activities.

“They put together little events for people who need help and can’t do everything by themselves,” Douglas said.

Justin Hobbs was on season 10 and 11 of American Ninja Warrior.

“They give these kids an opportunity to have success and to participate in sports where they may not have the chance aside from No Limitations,” Hobbs said.

He has family who is a part of No Limitations, and he wanted to use his talents and his platform to help others. So, he contacted a friend with the same vision.

“Whenever it came to the opportunity to try to help raise money for No Limitations, I thought, oh my gosh. Like, why would we not join in with this organization who is making such an impact on families who are going through so many hard things,” Greer said.

“Today I learned that just because you need a little help doesn’t mean you can’t do things by yourself,” Douglas said.