Ross, Tx (FOX44) – A 45-year-old man is being held on multiple charges after a reported attempted kidnapping and an assault with a BB gun occurred near the Ross community Sunday.

Deputies were called to the area of the 4800 block of Ross Road Sunday at a home where a woman who had recently broken up with her boyfriend had been staying.

The arrest affidavit stated that the recent ex-boyfriend, identified as Michael Allen Hofstetter had arrived at that location as a passenger in a vehicle that was parked by the roadway. The victim went out to the road to speak with them and they began walking down the road when the vehicle Hofstetter had been riding in passed them and turned, blocking the road.

The affidavit stated the victim was being yelled at and being told to get into the car, which she refused. The affidavit state the victim was head butted and tried to walk away, but was grabbed by the hood of her jacket with the man trying to forcefully pull her into the vehicle. The jacket tightened around her neck, but she was able to pull away and run to a nearby barn to hide. She told deputies that she heard several shots from a BB gun that she thought were being fired in her direction.

At that time, a man who she had been staying with heard the commotion and walked over, getting into an argument Hofstetter, then turned to walk away. He told deputies he heard several shots from what he believed to be a BB gun and felt stinging pain in his back.

The affidavit stated that two witnesses were interviewed who stated they saw a back-seat male passenger hanging out the window of the vehicle with a “long gun” and firing it rapidly.

As they completed their investigation, deputies obtained an arrest warrant for Hofstetter for charges including two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.

Deputies also obtained a warrant for 35-year-old Kayla Ashley Pierce named in a separate affidavit stating they believed she participated in the attempt to abduct the victim.

Both were taken to the McLennan County Jail.