WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Waco is no stranger to the game of football with a Big 12 school in its backyard. In recent years concussions surrounding football have garnered national attention due to growing concerns regarding long-term impacts on player health and well-being.

Carter Hogg is a college football player and Texas native. After his older brother endured a career ending concussion Hogg decided to make a change. Inventing shell-like protective gear to prevent concussions.

“It reduces the acceleration of the head and thereby reduces the risk of concussion because it basically limits the movement of your head. And by limiting the movement of your skull as a consequence, it limits the movement of your brain,” says Hogg.

If an athlete gets hit rapidly while accelerating quickly, the brain lags behind causing a collision of the brain against the skull. Hogg worked with Virigina Tech to test and research his product.

Under the NCAA the Baylor Bears track a lot of data when it comes to concussions. Monitoring each concussion and the details of when it occurs.

Baylor’s Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director, Kenny Boyd says Baylor is committed to conducting extensive research when it comes to preventative measures.

“It’s really critical for us in the in the college industry to be able to receive that information of what’s new and innovative. Look at trusted resources, follow the research and not just, you know, follow the gadgets. There are a lot of gadgets out there. And so being really critical of whether or not it is something that can provide some benefit or not,” says Boyd.

Companies like G8R Tech and Organizations like the NCAA and NFL have made great strides towards concussion prevention, but there is never a finish line on improving player safety.