Waco, TX (FOX 44) – As the war in Israel rages on, many people are still trying to understand how it came to be. Today, hundreds of Baylor University students had the chance to discuss the political, historical, and religious context of the war.

For some students, attending the discussion scored them extra points in a class, but most of the students were concerned about the war — looking for clarity and answers. Hundreds of faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds filled the Barfield Drawing room on Baylor’s campus today — searching for answers on the Israeli-Hamas war.

It was a discussion, not a debate–

“I will tell you that for the last week or so, I have been as concerned about the future of the world–and I’m an old person. So, I’ve seen a lot of things,” said Dr. Joanne cummings, Director of Middle East Studies at Baylor.

Every professor on the panel brought a new perspective to the table.

“Just like we have racists in America. Don’t you think that there are racists in Israel? Well, every country has racism,” said Dr. Lynn Tatum, Associate Director of Middle East Studies.

Some offering historical context on the conflict…

“Within the Gaza strip it is very densely populated. There are many refugees there,” said Dr. Cummings during her presentation.

Some explaining the current situation and answering some tough questions.

“Can you speak to us a little about antisemitism and the role it plays in the current situation,” asked moderator and Senior Lecturer Dr. Ivy Hammerly.

Others offering resolutions.

“We as a people, as a nation, we need to push for compromise,” said Dr. Tatum.

All of them agreeing on one belief.

“That our kids shouldn’t be killed, whether Jewish or a Palestinian. We all mourn for the pain that we’re seeing in the Middle East,” Dr. Tatum added.

Urging students to stay united in their fight for peace.

“All of us need to agree that we care for each other, and that we will never allow our God to be used as an alibi,” Dr. Tatum said.