BELLMEAD, Texas (FOX 44) — As we prepare to enter the month of December, many communities are gearing up for holiday festivities.

The Christmas spirit is arriving early for some but especially for those in the Bellmead community.

The City of Bellmead is wasting no time when it comes to getting their community into the holiday cheer and spirit.

From a tree lighting to a Christmas parade, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

Historically, every first Thursday of December is a special time for the Bellmead community. For the past 73 years, the city has hosted an annual Christmas tree lighting and parade.

This year, city officials and the Bellmead Police Department are anticipating an even bigger turn-out than before.

“Bellmead has a great tradition. People are very proud of the community they live in and there have been a lot of great advancements. The city council has allowed us to make over the last several years and have really enhanced community pride,” says Bellmead City Manager Yost Zakhary.

Tomorrow’s event is all about kicking off the Christmas season and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas in a safe and family friendly way.

For those who have safety concerns about the parade and tree lighting, Bellmead City Manager Yost Zakhary reassures they have it all under control.

“I have full confidence in our Police Chief, our Assistant Chief and our Police Department that they have an excellent contingency plan. I am fully confident that I don’t anticipate any problems. We have no issues that we’re aware of.”

This year they are requesting that participants in vehicles during the parade do not throw their candy to the children. Only participants walking should throw the candy, so that children are not getting too close to the vehicles.

In addition to ensuring the communities safety, Bellmead Officals are also looking out for the children in more than one way.

“Now, we keep hearing rumors that the Grinch is going to show up. And I assure you, if the Grinch shows up, he or she, whoever it is, will be arrested. We’re not going to let the Grinch ruin a Christmas party.”

City officials recommend attending the event early to indulge in treats like hot chocolate and staying late to enjoy the full parade experience.

The celebrations will kick off at 6 p.m. with the lighting of the Christmas tree at the Bellmead Municipal Court.

The event will continue on to 7 p.m. with the parade, that will run down Bellmead Drive starting by the bank and into the East Gate Shopping Center.

Courtesy of Bellmead Police Department