WOODWAY, Texas (FOX 44) – The Central Texas community gathered today at K & W’s Bar and Grill to support Jim Cody’s family after he lost his battle to liver cancer earlier this week.

Zach Owen is asking the community to help Cody’s family as they face the cost of medical bills, “We have raised millions and millions of dollars to St Jude…community cancer, so forth. So I’m hoping that our listeners, friends and family all come out today to help Jim Kelly’s family and give back to him.”

Today’s benefit featured live music, food and auction items like George Strait signed guitars. Zach Owen and Jim Cody worked together for over 30 years, as well-known voices in Central Texas on their radio show, Zach & Jim.

“It’d be like a TV news person with a co-anchor, and then one day they’re gone. You know, it’s sad, tragic. His family, his wife, Melanie, and the girls are doing very well and they’re expected to attend the show today, says Zach.

Comedian Rodney Carrington was at today’s benefit as an old friend of Zach and Jim, “I think when something like this happens, it reminds us that what’s important in life and fragility of life and how short it is and it reminds us to tell the people that we love and care about them, just exactly that, that we love them and what they mean to us while they’re here.”

If you would like to give you can donate to the Go Fund Me.