Beverly Hills, Tx (FOX44) – A Beverly Hills man and woman have been arrested on felony charges with the man accused of shooting his neighbor’s dog and doing away with the remains.

Bobby Roy Chandler, age 64, and Angelita Chandler, age 70, were both booked into the McLennan County Jail Wednesday on charges of third-degree felony cruelty to non-livestock animals and tampering with physical evidence.

Angelita Chandler

Beverly Hills Police Chief Kory Martin said a family came into the police station Tuesday to report their neighbor shot a dog about 4:00 a.m. that morning. As the investigation began, Chief Martin said other witnesses came in. A search warrant was conducted of a home and multiple firearms were recovered along with what was described as a useable amount of marijuana.

Chief Martin said the dog killed was a German Shephard named River whose family had rescued and was training. The dog had gotten out of their yard but was wearing a reflective vest and pulling a leash.

Chief Martin said that the suspect in the case had reported animal problems in the area the day before and officers had met with him regarding his issues. Chief Martin said Chandler had been warned not to discharge firearms to deal with the issue and an animal control officer had gone out offering to put a trap in the yard to help, but it was refused.

Chief Martin said it was determined that three shots had been fired at the dog and that Chandler and his wife, Angelita Chandler had been seen collecting the body of the dog and discarding his leash and vest and washing the blood off the street. Police said the incident was not reported at the time. Officers tried to get information on what had been done with the dog’s body but were unsuccessful in getting that information.

Warrants for Bobby and Angelita Chandler were obtained Wednesday and they were taken into custody at their home without incident.

Chief Martin said he would ask that anyone who may know the location of the dog River’s remains to please contact the Beverly Hills Police Department at 254-752-2585 to allow the family to lay him to rest.