TEXAS (FOX 44/KWKWT) — Texas is one of 13 states which requires annual car inspections – but this could all change within the next 18 months.

Texas lawmakers approved of a bill proposal declaring for the removal of the yearly requirement for car inspections on noncommercial vehicles. The proposal passed out of house in early May, and is now currently waiting on the desk of Governor Greg Abbott’s Office.

As many debate the risks of this bill, General Manger with Kish Complete Car Care Center Dave DeRosier shares some of the dangers in enacting this bill.

“I see it more of a safety factor where we’re providing a service for citizens to make sure that others are safe on the road. You don’t want someone out there driving around with unsafe tires at high speed down the interstate, have a tire blowout. Those things cause collisions.”

DeRosier also shared that out of the 120 state inspections they performed last month, 25 percent of those cars were deficient – ultimately saying that car inspections are a public safety issue.

Some of the big and common issues auto care centers see are worn out tires, bad brakes, light concerns and faulty wiper blades.

“You need to have your vehicle inspected annually to make sure it’s safe. I mean, if you want to care about your own personal safety and the safety of those that ride in the car with you, you know, my wife and children ride in the car with me. I want to make sure that safe the people that I love the most are in the car with me. I want to make sure it stops and steers and does everything that it should do properly,” says DeRosier.

If passed by legislature, the bill will take effect January 2025.