WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Amber Gorman a single mother of two teenagers, is currently fighting the toughest battle, breast cancer.

Amber was diagnosed back in December 2019 with stage two hormonal positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

“I had a double mastectomy in February 2020 and then I started chemo in March 2020,” says cancer fighter Amber Gorman.

Amber started chemotherapy at the start of the pandemic, a time where there was a lot of uncertainty.

“Patients can have, you know, at least one support person with them in while they’re in treatment. I couldn’t have that,” says Gorman.

Even though her support group couldn’t be in the room with her, her father did everything he could.

“He would take me to therapy and he would wait in the parking lot until I was done and then we would come home,” says Gorman.

After almost seven months of chemotherapy, Amber thought that was the end of cancer.

“September 2021, like the end of September I found out another small lump and that was removed and it was found to be triple negative,” says Gorman.

Luckily this time the cancer did not feed off female hormones.

“And so I started treatment over again. I had chemo and immunotherapy radiation, and I’m almost finished with the immunotherapy,” says Gorman.

Amber says this has been a tough journey, cancer has put a toll on her mental health and has affected her physical health. But wants to remind other fighters like her to keep pushing and keep fighting this battle.

“Just find a way to stay positive so that all the negative doesn’t overtake the treatment and all the fighting that you’re doing,” says Gorman.

Amber is still undergoing immunotherapy and will possibly go through reconstruction next year.

“So my energy’s back. I’m feeling, you know, pretty normal. My hair is starting to grow back, so I’m looking forward to that,” says Gorman.