WACO, TX (FOX 44) – President Biden’s comments concerning nuclear Armageddon shocked many people.

It was in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin who threatened to use nuclear weapons as Ukrainian forces pushed back his army.

A&M Central Texas history professor, Dr. Jerry Jones says there’s a low likelihood for Russia to start nuclear warfare.

Doing this could enact NATO policy causing Russia more problems.

Putin’s actions reminds Jones of the Soviet Union leaders who personally placed their success or failure with the Russian army.

Jones says Russia’s threat is a power move to control the atmosphere.

“That’s where the power of nuclear weapons really resides. If it’s a doomsday weapon, this tool horrible to use, it still has value as a bargaining chip,” said Jones.

The message appeals to Russian hyper-nationalists and maintains Putin’s image as dictator.

“Putin has not left himself an offering in this war besides victory or defeat,” said Jones.

President Biden mentioned in his speech this is most nuclear tension seen since the Cuban Missle Crisis.

Dr. jones sees similarities from 60 years ago to now, but Russia’s structure has changed over time in its decision making.

“The Soviet Regime, though, in at the time of the missile crisis was not so much a personal dictatorship in the way that it is now under Putin,” said Jones.

Russia’s strategy mobilizing troops to fight is a weakness Jones sees in the Ukraine-Russia War.

So what would happen if Russia uses nuclear warheads?

We reached out to Waco McLennan County Office of Emergency Management and were told plans have been prepared.

“If a situation like that were to occur, we’d respond by working with all the appropriate agencies and communicating that out with the public,” said Elizabeth Thomas, Waco-McLennan County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Jones says the war could continue well into next year with both sides not ready to negotiate.