WACO, Texas (Fox 44) — The Chalk Waco festival brought in thousands of people over the weekend. It is a weekend long chalk art festival and vendor market displaying 60 chalk murals from local artists.

Each mural represents a partnership between a local artist and a local business. The business-artist team come up with a design together.

“We want people to have fun and enjoy the uniqueness and diversity that our community allows us to have,” Creative Waco communications director Kennedy Sam said. “To showcase the type of artist, the artistry that we have, the range of talent that we have in our community, but also showcase local businesses.”

Wall artists had about two weeks to complete their murals, and street artists started around 4 a.m. on Saturday.

“The chalk art is just amazing,” Vendor Beth Richards said. “There’s a good art scene in Waco, but you don’t realize how much of an underground talent there is.”

Artists included everyone from a 13 year old, to high schoolers, to well know muralists.

“This year we have artists from all types of styles, all types of ages and all types of backgrounds,” Sam said.

Richards and vendor Danielle Hale say it’s a great combination of seeing artwork, meeting new people, and showcasing their own products.

“We’re getting to introduce our products to people that we wouldn’t normally get to introduce them to because everybody’s out here, and it’s not just a certain type of people,” Richards said. “Everyone is out here this weekend.”

Emma Sweetz is one of the artists and says she loves seeing how much can happen when people work together to support one another.

“It really shows what Waco is and how we’re all in it together supporting each other, helping each other grow and just seeing everyone strive,” Sweetz said.

Sam says Creative Waco is honored and blessed to have so many people out this weekend supporting the artists and local businesses.

“We’re just really grateful to have a community so invested in the development of arts and business and the partnerships that are represented here today,” Sam said.

The street art will be washed away in a week, but the wall murals will stay up as long as they last.