WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – On Tuesday, the City of Waco green-lit giving 19-million dollars to KSR Advantage to help their plan for the former Floyd Casey stadium site.

There have been several plans announced for the area since the stadium was imploded 6 years ago.

On the heels of a housing shortage, a decision was made Tuesday to use the land for a mix of housing and commercial properties, combined with recreational facilities.

The land is bordered by Dutton Vvenue, South 29th Street, South 32nd Street, Clay Avenue, Willowbrook Street, and South Valley Mills Drive.

The idea for the land is to build mixed-density, mixed-income single-family homes with competitive prices.

“All of the block prices are intended to be at a lower than market rate,” says Sarah Roberts, a KSR representative.

The development will also connect existing neighborhoods and downtown through landscaping, trails, and open space.

“It creates an atmosphere that’s very inclusive for the existing community to be a part of the neighborhood and not feel like you’re stopping from one and going into a next,” she says.

There will be active spaces that encourage public art and create a family-friendly community.

“Our goal was, if we can build good amenities, which we have, we think we’re really confident that the trails and the open spaces is an environment that’s really that type of active community is not really in a lot of places. And we think that would be an attractive opportunity,” Roberts states.

The 72- acre residential development intends to enhance the area where the new Kendrick Elementary school will open in 2025.

“It is all about how both residential and commercial buildings interplay with the streets to make sure that it is a very pedestrian, and friendly neighborhood,” she says.