WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – The Waco lake level is 6-feet below normal. The designated swimming areas and boat ramps at airport beach and airport park are closed due to safety factors and risk of boat damage.

While swimming in general is not banned, lake-goers are advised to stay in designated swimming areas, which are safe zones.

Cara Niemietz, a natural resource specialist with Waco Lake, spoke with us about the recreational water hazards that come with the abnormally low water levels.

“With it being so low, there are hazards in the water. So there are stumps that are normally 6-feet below so they don’t normally bother us when we’re out recreating.”

Designated swim areas reduce the risk of glass, metal, or logs interfering with your fun that can be found in unmonitored areas where nature takes its course.

“We closed it on Friday because the boat ramp is no longer in the water, which was kind of our deciding factor. It was no longer safe to use.”

Twin bridges is still open for swimming and boating at the moment.

Koehne park, Flat Rock access area, Lacy Point access area, Midway Park, Reynolds Creek Park, Speegleville Park, and Twin Bridges all have open boat ramps.

Although there is no clear indication of when these levels will rise, you can stay up to date on what’s open within the parks, where to go, and what’s safe here.