WACO, Texas (FOX 44) — The heat can make life extremely uncomfortable but with our grid running on a stored amount of energy, a little discomfort could make the difference in keeping the power on.

“A little bit for a lot of people goes a long way,” Ryan Dirker, McLennan County EMA Assistant Coordinator said.

ERCOT released recommendations to the state today, asking residents to conserve power where and when they can as temperatures continue to rise.

Dirker says this comes as the grid has a certain amount of stored energy and during peak hours is when the strain becomes the strongest.

“Power grid works on a stored amount of energy,” he told FOX 44 News. “And obviously generators are running all of the time.”

“That number fluctuates from time to time. However, whenever one starts to go home from the day around four or five, 6:00 PM , everyone’s electricity goes through the roof and everyone takes from that pool of generated energy at one time. And that causes strain on the grid.”

The public utility commission posted on it’s power to save website tips, including:

  • Setting your A/C to a very low temperature does not make your house cool down faster.
  • Use fans. They make a room feel 4-6° cooler.
  • Keep your refrigerator and freezer full, a full fridge uses less energy.
  • Use the air-dry setting on your dishwasher. The heat-dry setting uses more energy.

“Things that use a lot of or traditionally use a lot of power during peak energy times,” Dirker said. “Something that my family does is that when we are needing to wash clothes, we do that as early in the morning as humanly possible.

“Not only because it’s good for good for the grid, because most people are using electricity then, but it’s really just kind of good for us because it keeps our electric bill down”

Dirker ended by explaining that although following these tips can cause some discomfort in your home, the recommendation comes so that everyone can continue to have power.

“That our recommendation would be along with ERCOT is they’re just asking you to be mindful about the things that you do and to think about ways that you might be able to just cut down a little bit.”

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