Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Early voting is now done for the joint general election coming up on Tuesday.

Friday was the busiest day for early voting for both McLennan and Bell counties.

In overall early voting, nearly 1 out of 20 of each county’s population has turned in a ballot.

Bell County ended with 11531 early votes.

McLennan County ended with 9,221.

McLennan County Election Administrator Jared Goldsmith says they’re seeing a higher turnout for early voting than in 2021.

“We had 3497 voters two years ago, and that was for early voting. So, yeah, we had about 50 percent turnout increase. Twice as what we had last time,” said Goldsmith.

A big component for this year’s election is the 14 Texas constitutional amendments.

Bell County Election Administrator Dr. Desi Roberts says local matters are also on the ballot.

“Trustees, bonds and propositions are also on the ballot in local areas within the county. Those are entities that’s contracted with the county to also conduct that election simultaneously,” said Dr. Roberts.

Bell and McLennan County are expecting a large turnout on Tuesday.

“Typically, we see about 50 percent vote early and 50 percent on Election Day. We do have 46 vote centers located throughout McLennan County. Our voters can go vote at any of those open polling places on Election Day,” said Goldsmith.

Bell County will have 42 locations.

Registered voters will be able to vote from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.

Dr. Roberts encourages everyone to make their vote count.

“Let’s make this election process for us safe, secure, transparent and indeed, accurate,” said Dr. Roberts.

For registered voters going to a polling center on Tuesday, please bring your Texas drivers license or Texas ID.