WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – The Waco Regional Airport is getting a makeover to make sure those flying in and out of Waco get the best travel experience.

The total project will cost $8,791,098 and is funded by $5,922,345 of CARES funding, $2,358,815 in Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding, and $509,938 in Waco Regional Airport cash reserves.

“Basically completely modernize our security screening area. So we’re going to do all the faces on the floor, on the ceilings. We’re also going to incorporate some public art in that process,” says Joel Lopez, Waco Regional Airport director.

Waco Regional Airport is working with Creative Waco to scout artist from all over to create modern art in the facility.

The construction will officially begin on August 1st through Fall 2023. The airport will remain open and operational during the construction.

“We’ll put some temporary barriers that kind of redirect the kind of work passengers are going through from what they’re used to. But again, you know, it’s about a three or four month process through the first phase,” says Lopez.

City council members put on their safety hats Friday evening to break the wall with the help of Chip Gaines.

“We love this community. We love this environment that we would get to raise our beautiful family in. And at the end of the day, this airport is obviously extraordinarily crucial to allowing people to come to visit for various reasons,” says Chip Gaines, co-founder of Magnolia.

The project goal is to create a clean and aesthetically pleasing terminal that best represents the culture and values of the community.

“We want this airport in this flight experience to be one that makes it easy and something that is incredibly enjoyable,” says Mayor Dillon Meek.

Those flying in and out of Waco can see upgrades to the facility such as electronic charging stations, designated workstation areas, and modern furniture.

“We want to diversify the opportunities for people to fly in and out of Waco. And so we can grow our economy, so we can improve the quality of life for our residents and our tourists,” says Meek.