Former President Donald Trump is expected to make his first stop on the presidential campaign trail in Waco. Many are wondering why he chose Central Texas to kick off his 2024 campaign.

According to the McLennan County Republican Party Chairman, Bradford Holland, the heartland is the place to be.

“If you’re going to win the Republican nomination for president in Texas, you’re not going to do it in Dallas or Houston or Austin. That’s not where our Republican voters are. You might be able to raise more money there, but you do not get votes there. And you got to go to the heartland. Got to go to the red places of Texas, which is where Waco and Bryan College Station. And and folks in our sized cities are.” – Holland

The McLennan County Republican Party is helping host Trump by assisting people in signing up for tickets, spreading the word and rallying volunteers. It is acting as a clearing house to help people get in contact with the campaign.

The local republican party is getting calls from all over the state, “not only people who support President Trump, but just media and news. It really seems to be an event for all of Texas, even though it’s happening here in Waco. And we’re pleased about that. But we expect it to be a big statewide event, if not national.” – Holland

Thousands are expected to be in attendance for Trump’s speech at 5 pm and the events prior to the speech as well. Chairman Holland recommends that people arrive early to beat the lines and large crowds.

However, the McLennan County Democratic Party Chairman, Mark Hays, does not feel the rally is relevant.

“We think he’s an entertainer and he’s going to put on a show for his fans and hopefully it will be safe and no one will be hurt. But we are not going to participate in this. We are focused on the legislation that’s going through right now.” – Hays

The 2024 campaign season is in full swing for all levels of the ballot. The McLennan County Republican party hopes to see all of the Republican candidates including Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley.