WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Josh Tetens will be sworn into office on January 1, 2023, but what will he be doing in the meantime?

“I hope that there will be a very good, positive transition with the current administration. To help us prepare for that, we’re ready on January first to take over and move cases,” says McLennan County District Attorney elect, Josh Tetens.

Tetens will be working with the current administration to ensure the DA’s office prioritizes the pending cases.

“Try to reach out, work with the prosecutors, as well as, again, investigators and law enforcement to prepare for that,” says Tetens.

A question asked during Tetens watch party was, will the DA’s office work with Aubrey Robertson again?

“I’m not ready to make any employment decisions yet. I think there are some excellent folks that are still in the district attorney’s office. I’m excited and hope that they stay and there’ll be some new folks that come in that are also ready and excited just as much as I am to get in,” says Tetens.

“If the DA elect calls me and asks me to serve, I will absolutely 100% answer that call, because public service is important,” says Aubrey Robertson.

FOX 44 previously asked Tetens once he’s in office will he look into the Twin Peaks case that left nine people dead?

“To this day, not a single person has been held accountable. There have been no consequences of any kind. I think that potentially in the future that’s something that we could look at. But unfortunately, we do have folks that are in our county jail right now that have been sitting there for literally years that we have to address immediately when we get an office,” says Tetens.